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320 Done 680 To Go

Dear change maker,

From May 2020 to March 2021, 320 end-users have benefited from our solar lamp’s distribution project. When you give the gift of clean energy you give back precious time for family to spend time together. In response to our survey, one family shared the following impact:

Outcomes: Positive environmental outcomes. Less pollution exposure. Cost savings

Indicators: Household cost savings resulting from shifts in spending on fuel, candles. One potential benefit is that solar lamps improve personal safety and security at nighttime, in terms of the number of incidences of petty crime

Means of verification: Solar lamps have no operating cost (i.e., free sunlight)

Risks and assumptions: An assumption is that increased hours of lighting enable children to study more hours in the evening and thus improve learning outcomes. There is anecdotal evidence of educational benefits accruing from solar lanterns, but the evidence tends to be difficult to use because there is limited data on the long-term relationship between fuel replacement, access to lighting, and educational outcomes.

320 done 680 to go. We simply could not do this without YOU: donors, Global Giving amazing staff and partners. Thank you for constantly inspiring us to make the world a better place.

With appreciation,

Halt Poverty Team

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