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Shining a Light on 34 Households

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Dear amazing donor

Your precious donation is shining a light on 34 households. Thank you so much for your generous $172 gift to Improve lighting for Porters in Isalo National Parc through GlobalGiving. We are grateful for your kind and thoughtful support!

Until our project is fully funded, we will be sending you regular reports about our work. This will keep you informed about all our accomplishments and show you how your generous donation was used

Distribution 1. 10 Households benefited sent May 2020

Distribution 2. 12 Households benefited sent June 2020

Distribution 3. 12 Households benefited sent July 2020

Distribution 4. On the way! We have received another model of lamps! 

Your precious donation is shining a light on 34 households and 170 end users. We rely on donations like yours to ensure that even the most remote communities get access to clean energy. Most Malagasy households use kerosene lamps and candles which are the source of indoor pollution and fire. You can Donate $20 to support the cause. Donate $20 monthly to help us extend our program.

We make sure your donation achieves the greatest impact, especially during this unprecedented pandemic. We hope you enjoy learning about our work and continue to stay engaged with our team. Stay safe!

Warm regards,

Halt Poverty

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